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Zora's Planet

2020 - Blender & After Effect

A planet and a UFO inspired by my own English name.
The attractive and bold colors are a token of my adventurous nature and openness to new things.


Bart Zella

2020 - Blender & After Effect

With the rising summer heat and the exuberant greenery, the peonies are blooming like bright and cheery maidens. 
Dazzling and hard to part with – they are the gold of the East.

東方金 改圖.jpg

Japanese-style 1B1B

2020 - Blender & After Effect

This Japanese-style 1B1B is based on wooden furnitures and decorated with black and white accessories, depicting the tranquility of the afternoon.


Ming Dynasty Mansion

2020 - Blender & Photoshop

Taking Ming Dynasty architecture as an example, this masion depicts the moment when the ancients were drinking tea and chatting more than 100 years ago.

icon left.png
icon por.png
icon right.png
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