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Inside Out of IoT

2017 - iPhone & After Effect

NCCST Competition

​Award | Merit Award

In order to help the viewers understand the principle and operation of the Internet of Things (IoT) more easily, we personify the IoT objects, such as a cellphone, a light, an air conditioner, glasses, etc., as staff members, in order to make the viewing experience more interesting.

On top of that, we select the notifications “software update” and “too-easy-to-guess password,” both of which most people tend to ignore, as the highlights of our propaganda. By seeing the IoT members being hacked one by one, the public are made aware of the situations that can happen in real life, and can thus gain an insight into the convenience and threats brought about by the IoT through the propaganda.

Ruo-Tian Fu

Director | Screenwriter | Photography | Film Editing


Rou-Qi Wang

Screenwriter | Photography | Post Production


Ya-Jie Shi

Screenwriter | Caption Editing


Gong-Zheng He

Sound Effects


Ding-Xuan Lin

Sound Effects

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