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2020 - Graduation Project

3D - Blender & 3ds Max & Substance Painter & After Effect

2D - Clip Studio Paint & Procreate & After Effect

Vision Get Wild Award

Award | 3D Animation - Merit Award

Nomination | 2D Animation & 3D Animation

                     Experiment and Mixed - Media Animation

                     Cross-Disciplinary & Creative Planning

A son is longing for care and love from his father who to be one that highly demands perfections and discipline.  

Day after day, the tie has gotten tighter and tighter. 

Is it an expectation, a blessing, or a decent bind?

Can the boy break through the chain and face the demon deep inside of him?

Chia-Sheng Wu

Director | Character Design | 2D Animation | 3D Animation | Post Production


Ruo-Tian Fu

Producer | Scene Design | Lighting Design | 3D Animation | Post Production

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